Was 2023 still El Dorado for people working in IT? In order to demonstrate the current condition of the market, we have prepared a comprehensive report. We list and analyze salaries offered in 2023 by employers on the Just Join IT portal, compare them with salaries from 2022, and also juxtapose them against real-life and expected salaries of IT specialists in Poland. We give voice to market experts and
our community, and show recommendations regarding career paths in 23 specializations.

2023/2024 earnings and expectations of the IT industry


Raport Wynagrodzeń IT 2023 – justjoin.itRaport Wynagrodzeń IT 2023 – justjoin.it

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Raport Wynagrodzeń IT 2023 – justjoin.it

What the current IT market landscape looks like?

How much juniors, mids, and seniors could earn in 2023, taking into account their type of contract (employment contract or B2B)?

Which areas and technologies are paid the highest by employers?

How big the increase in salaries compared with 2022 was?

What the real-life salaries in IT in 2023 were?

What amounts IT specialists expect and how these expectations compare to the salaries they actually receive?

From the 2023 report, you’ll learn, among other things:


2023 report in numbers

Our report is the outcome of analyzing almost 130 000 job offers available on the Just Join IT portal in 2023.

We present the average salaries offered under employment contracts (EC) and B2B contracts w 23 categories.

Additionally, thanks to a survey conducted within the biggest IT community in Poland, we check how much
the salary ranges declared by employers have to do with reality. We also ask what earnings IT specialists expect depending on the seniority level and type of contract.

~130 000

analyzed job offers with salary ranges


IT specialists


examined categories from the Job Board

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